Jul 27, 2017
When hiring young people, highlight what you can offer beyond a paycheck

Young people have long been a good fit for part-time and seasonal retail jobs.

There is a stigma that someone who will accept less-than-full time employment at minimum-wage range pay won’t be a committed employee, however. While that certainly proves true in some cases, one thing you can do, as a retail employer, is to show what you can offer someone with little to no experience beyond just a paycheck.

Studies have shown one thing Millennials and the now-emerging Generation Z value in job is a chance to develop and advance, or at least the chance to gain skills that will help them advance down the road.

Kate Klein of Hardware Retailing wrote about the subject recently. “When you are recruiting or hiring young employees who haven’t had jobs yet, you are offering opportunities for them to start building their work histories. Highlight that opportunity, and the skills they will acquire working for your business, in your job listings and in new-hire training,” Klein said. Click here for the full story.

In addition to the customer service and other skills they can put on their resumes, offer tangible performance-based awards and recognition — they don’t necessarily have to monetary — as other ways to build their resume profile (i.e. Employee of the Month, Above and Beyond medals, etc.).


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