Nov 29, 2019
Cosmic Body offers environmentally friendly skincare line

A perfect balance of edgy and chic, beauty and wellness brand Cosmic Body released its full set of 100% pure skin and body care products this October. Going beyond the beauty industry’s traditional focus on natural and sustainable, Cosmic Body products are made with ingredients from 100% renewable resources, partnering with local and national farmers to ensure sustainable practices and supply chain transparency.

Ingredients that cannot be found within the United States are sourced from vetted sustainable and ethical farms directly. “I grew up with a mother heavily involved within the beauty industry,” said Roshan Roghani, founder of Cosmic Body. “She taught me so much about natural healing — how to soothe a sting, bite, clot a wound — I grew up appreciating the healing abilities of plants. The industry is making good strides to provide customers with better products, but we all have a long way to go when it comes to doing business holistically. My goal is that through Cosmic Body we can make herbal remedies effective, easy to use and accessible to all people. It shouldn’t be a small group who has access to the best quality. We’re willing to take a smaller margin with the manifestation that the world will see what we are doing and support us; I even hope we inspire others to start their own brands. The world needs this type of knowledge and there’s more than enough for the goodness to go around.”

The brand has been a work in progress for the past four years and features completely pure, multi-purpose products that aid in sexual and reproductive health, face, body and skin health, oral and hair care. The ingredients used in these products include powdered herbs, essential oils, plant-based butters, beeswax, vinegars and oils. 

All ingredients are minimally processed and are either cold-pressed, dried or powdered to preserve nutritional quality. With the intention of reducing waste and bringing customers into local retailers, the Cosmic Body team is currently working on an in-store bulk refill program, which they hope to launch in 2020.

“The inspiration behind Cosmic Body is to make herbal wisdom easily accessible and understandable,” said Roghani. “Cosmic Body is about connecting our modern society back to the land. Each product tastes, feels and looks amazing; we are making this an easy and desirable transition for Americans who are used to using synthetically derived products. This is especially important when we are addressing tooth, hair and women’s reproductive health products.”

In line with her goal to make this product line easily accessible for the whole family, Roghani is compiling Cosmic Body’s full formulas to eventually be shared with the public in a book format. By listing these formulas, Roghani is giving transparency into her product line so that people can make the same products on their own or create simple alternatives if they can’t afford to invest in their collection. 

“We consistently try to give people natural solutions, even if that means finding something in their own kitchen. We are having a great time addressing individual needs on social media and helping people find solutions. It is so satisfying to know you completely changed someone’s personal care game in a way that aligns with your values,” she said. Through this effort, Roghani hopes to increase people’s knowledge of natural skincare and educate people on the healing benefits of herbs for the entire body.

“I created Cosmic Body as an answer to the problems that keep me up at night. For years I felt paralyzed by fear when I would think about what we are doing to our planet and how it is affecting our health and society. I realized we could continue to live in fear or be a part of the solution in whatever way we are called; Cosmic Body is my solution to these problems. The products are packaged in glass because it’s the most environmentally friendly solution currently available. The ingredients in the products are sourced with soil quality and protecting our dear insect nation in mind. Every component of Cosmic Body is made with consideration for the value of all life and doing as little harm as possible in this human existence. I believe it’s possible to help our environment, health and be absolutely fabulous at the same time.” 

Roghani currently serves as the vice president of skin and body care company Camille Beckman, which was founded by her mother in 1986. Roghani picked up on her mother’s passion for skincare, always seeking to increase her knowledge in the practice and share her learnings of natural beauty with others. 

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